Dia loves people and their potential and has built a career on helping organizations, teams and individuals realize their full potential. As a communications coach and professional, Dia has been a behind the scenes “secret weapon” for her clients, work she is very proud of. 

After an invitation to auctioneer for a small fundraiser, Dia got the bug to become a professional auctioneer as she saw what impact she could have from center stage.  Her many years coaching for events, pitches and keynotes fuels her energy and presence on stage.  Now she holds the mic whenever she can and uses that energy to help her clients reach their fundraising goals.

For the past two decades, Dia has been a leadership communications professional, helping clients align their strategies, stories and audiences. As an executive speech coach, Dia has had a global impact, preparing speakers for some of the highest stakes stages. Her clients include the Rio2016 Olympic Bidding team and other Olympic bidding cities, Fortune 100 companies the Clinton Global Initiative, as well as numerous start-ups in the tech and social impact spaces.

Beyond coaching, Dia applies her narrative approach to the broader context of marketing strategies to help deepen their impact and reach and to keep all brand engagements human and authentic. Along with her communications consulting practice Dia is a Certified Co-Active coach and Mentor for Singularity University Lab. 

As a child, Dia wanted to be a long haul truck driver. The notion of the open road and life on her own terms was something that she just couldn’t wait for and made growing up feel a million miles away.  She never did get that shiny truck, but she’s keeping the dream of “life on your own terms” by helping women do just that in their careers.

A strong advocate for women she believes in developing the potential of women leaders, and resourcing women entrepreneurs and leaders to amplify their impact. She is active member of SheEO, a network of women funding women-led ventures. Dia also advises for The Coaching Fellowship, a nonprofit organization offering affordable professional coaching to young high-potential women entrepreneurs.

Drawn to auctioneering in the second half of her career, she’s thrilled to facilitate collective acts of generosity for organizations and causes that do great work at any scale. Combining her acumen in communications and leadership development, Dia brings to the stage and deep desire to drive and deliver an authentic fundraising experience that highlights clients’ stories and the positive impact they have on the world. Dia especially loves auctioneering for women led non-profits and nonprofits that benefit women and this issues they care about. 

Dia lives in the Bay Area with her husband and two children and spends as much time outdoors as possible.